Empresa especializada em implantação de lojas virtuais. Criamos a arquitetura de informação e o design do seu e-commerce. Te ajudamos a definir a melhor plataforma e tecnologia que se encaixe melhor ao escopo e objetivos do seu projeto.


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Amazing home presentations Creating and building brands


Layout development and front-end programming for LINX, EZ Commerce and VTEX platform implementation. The store is developed using front-end coding (HTML, JavaScript and CSS), besides other available tools offered by the platform to make the store more dynamic.


Development of applications and new features for VTEX platform, always aiming the best performance on page response, smooth user interactivity and conversion raise.

Project Management

We create a development schedule and follow up of the entire implementation process of your e-commerce, ensuring that your online store will be delivered in time.
Why Choose QD
Understand what makes Quatro be the best choice for your project

Ex VTEX professionals

Expertise on development and implementation of layouts that increase sales. We create innovative solutions and have conversion increase in our DNA.

Innovation Awards

In less than 6 months, Quatro Digital presented two cases of success and won 2 featured awards in Innovation VTEX Day!

Innovation + Conversion

We always develop solutions and functionalities focused on conversion increase. We are always looking for the best methods to achieve the best results.

We work with the best

Certified professionals with e-commerce experience. We have worked on several projects that became major cases of VTEX platform. Araujo, Authentic Feet, Artwalk, HTS Latarias, Meu Amigo Pet, among others…

Responsive Layout

We develop shops with responsive design, allowing your store to be accessible from any mobile device. Your store always 100% browsable on Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs…

Suitable solutions to your planning

With quality, experience and agility, we assist small, medium and large companies with innovative services and solutions that suit your planned aims.

“When other agencies say NO, Quatro Digital says YES. We like to face new challenges and deliver positive results!”

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“Quatro Digital worked with Kate Spade to adapt the american layout to the VTEX platform and in the version change of the platform for the smart checkout. The work was great, we could adapt many features that until then existed only in the American website and we finished the new website within the deadline. The agency's support during the project was perfect, they proved to be experts on VTEX. They gave us orientation on how to review registration matters, platform settings and helped us a lot with VTEX communication. I highly recommend the agency!”

“Quatro was responsible for our store implementation. From the first contact to the end of the project, the team’s service was impeccable. We had great assistance through all fases of the project, specially from Veronica who always catered to what we had in mind about our site's identity."

“The team impressed us in the first meetings. The communication always flowed exceptionally well, giving us results that were exactly what we needed and intended to get. Their involvement with the project happend to be more than expected, giving us a feeling that we received more than we invested. The Quatro team make the difference because they aim to understand the customer, their market, their needs, not only through meetings but also researching, listening and learning new things on multiple sources of information.”

“Quatro Digital believed in our project from the start. With competence and aptitude, they helped us develop our new website without loosing our former visual identity. Quatro revolutionized and made all our ideas possible, using all resources available on the platform. They made our store’s environment better with technology, good usability, interactivity and high conversion rates! After the new store was launched, their work kept evolving, developing new features and continuously improving resources, giving us even better results.”

“I thank you on behalf of Presentes Rodriguez for all the attention, commitment and dedication of all specialists that were involved in our project. We are sure that we chose the best agency in the market because of its commitment, professionalism and team spirit, values that are present in each member, making Quatro Digital a winner agency."

“PARTNERSHIP is what translates the work done by Quatro Digital. Quatro is a company that always thinks about its clients’ needs, and is in promptitude for any situation. Innovation with quality are their lead to achieve the results and goals of our company. I can state that from the first contact to after-sales, we are 100% satisfied.”

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190 Happy Clients
200 eCommerce Designs
36 eCommerce Segments Served

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